Tortoise Starter Kit


Everything you need to add to your tortoise table. We have hand selected the best products from various suppliers and put them all together to make your purchase simple. Unlike many other kits ours truly has everything required to become a tortoise keeper.

Reflector Lamp Holder

The Reflector lamp holder is Ideal for Tortoise tables.

The Bulb holder itself is made from a heat-resistant ceramic material for safety and reliability. Standard E27 screw fitting tortoise bulbs are held securely in place.

Light and heat is reflected towards the basking spot by the dome. This creates an intense basking area without wasting any energy.

Comes with fittings to clamp the unit onto a wooden edge and also a suspension fitting to hang the lamp holder from a hook.


  • Focused, energy efficient light beam provided by the reflector
  • In-line power switch
  • Ceramic bulb holder
  • multi directional clamp fitting to allow precise direction aim
  • Fittings kit for vivariums or tortoise tables

80w Mercury vapour bulb

Combined heat and UV bulb. Self ballasted mercury vapour bulb so fits any standard Screw fit ceramic bulb holder. Provides outstanding levels of UVA and UVB.


  • 50 degree angle beam for wider basking area
  • Average lifespan of 6000 hours (over a year)
  • Comes with a 12 month guarantee
  • Important for correct development and growth of reptiles
  • Aids the production of vitamin D3
  • Helps to prevent metabolic bone disease (MBD)
  • Stimulates breeding behaviour

Natural Tortoise Substrate

We have chosen the best possible tortoise substrate for this kit. Our tortoise substrate is a wheat based ground pellet

It is made from 100% pure wheat straw and is completely biodegradable making it eco-friendly. This bedding absorbs over 400% moisture and eliminates odours. Soft and virtually dust-free, it also leaves the smallest ecological footprint compared to other bedding such as peat or wood shavings.

The pellets are crushed which results in a more natural texture than many other commercial tortoise substrates. This is to encourage natural behaviours such as digging.

Soft Rose Bedding

Soft, clean and virtually dust-free. We always include a large packet of our Rose and hay bedding. This can be placed in your tortoises bedding area and will allow your pet to nestle down in comfort. As a bonus, it is also 100 % edible for all tortoise species and completely eco-friendly.

Food and Water Bowls

Our tortoise food and water dishes have low sides with a slope leading to the bowl. This ensures easy access for your pet while maintaining a stable base so the dish cant be tipped. These dishes are made from high grade, food quality resins to make them completely safe and eay to keep clean.

Tortoise Food pellets

We have included a packet of our special European tortoise diet. Used by the top European tortoise breeders in the UK, This pellet softens when water is added and provides a nutritionally complete diet.


We include sustainably harvested cuttlebone which allows tortoises to obtain calcium as they need it. The natural colour and texture encourages your pet to graze. Tortoises need calcium for healthy bone, shell and beak growth.


We include a bottle of easy to use spray disinfectant which is specially formulated for tortoise enclosures. This is used when cleaning your tortoise enclosure and kills over 99.9% of harmful germs.

Care sheet

We always include a copy of our care sheet for European tortoises. Written to help the novice tortoise keeper on their journey.


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